The AccuWeather Advantage

The unchallenged Superior AccuracyTM of AccuWeather forecasts and warnings has been proven time and time again.

Most recently, independent forecast tracker ForecastWatch®, in the most comprehensive study of forecast accuracy ever undertaken, reconfirmed AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy in wind, precipitation and high temperature forecasts, verified, over the next five sources. The study examined 95 million forecasts in 1,140 locations worldwide.  The margin of statistical accuracy demonstrated by AccuWeather forecasts and warnings underscores their, consistency and reliability and reconfirms their true value and advantage over all other sources. 

Over and above their statistical superiority, AccuWeather forecasts are more localized than other sources. For example, the ForecastWatch study compared forecasts in New York City.  AccuWeather provides greater detail for each neighborhood within New York City, while other sources do not take this greater hyper localization into account. Further, they offer greater detail and extend further into the future, such as our MinuteCast® forecasts, which provide detailed precipitation forecasts, in advance, up to the next two hours.  This powerful combination of accuracy and detail, both in location and time, and AccuWeather Network’s strong emphasis on how predicted weather conditions will impact viewers, their lives, their families, and businesses, make AccuWeather forecasts many times more valuable than any other source.

By tuning into the AccuWeather Network, viewers have the very best weather forecasts and warnings and the news that matters most to them. The greater the accuracy of weather forecasts and warnings, the better decisions people and businesses can make to plan in the face of hazardous and every day weather events.