Brittany Boyer, On-Air Meteorologist

A trusted severe weather expert and proven forecaster, Brittany Boyer is an On-Air Meteorologist at AccuWeather.

Brittany’s responsibilities include broadcasting national weather forecasts, as well as producing and overseeing expert videos during severe weather.  Through the power of video, Brittany applies her knowledge and experience in understanding breaking weather conditions and effectively translates them into valuable information that people across the country can understand, helping them to take action when it matters most.

An award-winning On-Air Meteorologist, Brittany’s career spans multiple regions of the Northeast United States.  Having worked in regions with severe weather, Brittany has extensive weather broadcasting experience including blizzards, flooding, and more.  Hundreds of thousands of people have relied on Brittany’s forecasts throughout her career.  Brittany earned a Bachelors of Science in Meteorology from Mississippi State University as well as a Bachelors of Arts from Penn State University in Broadcast Journalism.  

Intrigued by the power of all types of weather, Brittany experienced many snowstorms growing up near Philadelphia.  She frequently grabbed her 12-inch ruler to then run outside and measure how much snow had fallen.  Her greatest memory was the blizzard of 1996 that crippled the Philadelphia area for days.  She was enthralled by the power of the blizzard and how it had the ability to significantly impact an entire city.  As she got older, Brittany continued her fascination with weather, but her focus shifted to the science behind it.  As a Meteorologist, Brittany is trained in the science behind weather forecasting and effectively explaining this to people.  

An avid skier, Brittany loves spending time outdoors.  She also is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys traveling and cooking.

Knowing that her real-time weather updates with the AccuWeather Network improve lives globally makes Brittany proud to be a part of the AccuWeather team.

Every day millions of people rely on the AccuWeather Network to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day.  The AccuWeather Network provides “All Weather All The Time” coverage on a local, regional and national scale with Superior Accuracy™.  Backed by the expertise of over 100 meteorologists with a combined 1,300 years of forecasting experience, AccuWeather is the leader in global weather forecasting.