Laura Velasquez, On-Air Meteorologist

Versatile broadcaster and award-winning meteorologist Laura Velasquez is an On-Air Meteorologist at AccuWeather.

Laura, a key player in preparing viewers for the start of their day, is responsible for analyzing early morning weather patterns.  Her in-depth understanding of weather patterns and ease with communicating their effects are critical to ensuring that viewers are knowledgeable on the outlook for their day.

An AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, Laura earned the “Best Weathercast” award from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.  She has also received the National Weather Association Television Broadcaster Seal of Approval.  Laura earned a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, Math and Geographic Information Sciences from Central Michigan University and a Master of Science in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University.  For eight years prior to joining AccuWeather, Laura led local forecasting efforts in Michigan and Colorado where she gained experience forecasting blizzards, severe thunderstorms, extreme flooding and record heat/cold.  Laura is skilled at quickly identifying key impactful weather patterns and translating them into actionable insights for viewers. 

Laura’s intense passion for weather began as a child.  Even when she was in kindergarten, her first choice in television programming was always weather-related.  She would become enthralled as she watched the impact that severe weather can have.

An avid runner and endurance athlete, Laura loves to test her physical limits.  She has completed seven marathons and has plans to compete in an Ironman triathlon in the future.  She can also be found cheering on her favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, or traveling.  Laura enjoys spending time with her poodle, Jet, as well as her family in Michigan. 

Laura is devoted to effectively communicating weather forecasts and their potential impacts.  She is happy to bring the viewers a smile to start their morning and enjoys helping millions of people safely prepare for their day.  

Every day millions of people rely on the AccuWeather Network to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day.  The AccuWeather Network provides “All Weather All The Time” coverage on a local, regional and national scale with Superior Accuracy™.  Backed by the expertise of over 100 meteorologists with a combined 1,300 years of forecasting experience, AccuWeather is the leader in global weather forecasting.