Paul Williams, On-Air Meteorologist

Veteran on-air meteorologist Paul Williams, a severe storm and tornado expert, is an On-Air Meteorologist at AccuWeather.

In his role, Paul analyzes severe weather patterns and identifies weather events that are critical for people to understand.  He communicates the severity of the weather patterns and life-changing steps people can take to ensure their safety.

With over 30 years of broadcast meteorology experience, Paul is an expert in severe storms and tornadoes.  Featured on “NBC Weekend Today” and “ABC World Wide News,” Paul is recognized nationally as one of the best in broadcast meteorology.  Paul is a recipient of the prestigious American Meteorological Society (AMS) Seal of Approval.  An active member of the AMS and the National Weather Association, Paul enjoys learning and growing as a meteorologist.  With degrees in meteorology and mass communications from Jackson State University, Paul has worked diligently to create a lifelong career of broadcasting weather forecasts with Superior Accuracy. 

Motivated to meet any challenge, Paul became intrigued by the weather over 20 years ago when his news director dared him to try to anchor the weather.  He mastered the craft and quickly discovered his passion for the weather.  This inspired him to learn more, and he earned his meteorology degree knowing that he wanted to be an expert in the science behind weather.  Paul’s passion for tornadoes grew while he was a beginning on-air meteorologist.  During one event, Paul forecasted incoming tornadoes and gave an early warning to local residents allowing them the time to get to safety.  He was able to gain firsthand experience on how impactful early tornado warnings can be for a community.  His love for severe weather and tornadoes has continued ever since. 

Paul is an advocate for better health and fitness and enjoys natural body building, yoga, and running.  Paul is an active member in his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, and spends much of his spare time volunteering with the organization. 

Paul is committed to ensuring that families around the world have the advanced warnings they need to survive any severe storm.  He takes pride in knowing that his forecasts on the AccuWeather Network have helped save lives.

Every day millions of people rely on the AccuWeather Network to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day.  The AccuWeather Network provides “All Weather All The Time” coverage on a local, regional and national scale with Superior Accuracy™.  Backed by the expertise of over 100 meteorologists with a combined 1,300 years of forecasting experience, AccuWeather is the leader in global weather forecasting.