Sarah Gisriel, Reporter & Multimedia Journalist

Sarah Gisriel is a multimedia journalist/reporter for the AccuWeather Network and is currently based out Washington, DC. 

Sarah’s most vivid memories are of those pressing her nose to the glass watching thunderstorms in her backyard waiting anxiously to hear the big booms and see the bright lightning. As a child she was very inquisitive and peppered her parents with questions about the storms' distance, the shape of clouds, and how animals survive through it all. She is thrilled to have an opportunity with AccuWeather to see it all up close, while also protecting people.  

Before starting at AccuWeather in April 2021, Sarah spent three years as a reporter at WDVM in Hagerstown, Md., where she grew up. For the past three years, she was a nightside reporter for WHTM in Harrisburg, Pa., where she earned several Emmy nominations and an AP award for excellence in a sports feature. 

Sarah has covered a wide range of stories, everything from Presidential visits to a woman who makes purses out of dog hair. She is open to new ideas on her next weather story and you can email her at: She would love to hear from you if you just want to talk about Baltimore sports, your favorite type of French-fry or Golden Girls.